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If music is the food of love, then this is KFC for robots.


You made me realise…

One of my musical heroes, fellow Irishman Kevin Shields from ‘My Bloody Valentine‘, once described how he would get lost within the sonic maelstrom of noise created in the studio and extract harmonics from the seemingly endless noise. I have always loved that idea, that ability to see/hear/feel music in noise.

I make music for myself. I enjoy exploring sounds and sound banks and generating layers and sequences of noise that please my ears. A lot of my tracks are built from lots of layered sounds to construct an 8 or 16 bar loop. I would then tend to get lost inside the endless loop of noise, melodies and harmonics for hours and try to extract… the vibe… or whatever from what I am hearing. I then try to break the construction down into chunks that then build towards this ‘crescendo’ but, as is the nature of creative endeavours, sometimes the end result isn’t quite what was intended.

But it pleases me.

I have made a lot of tracks over the years under a few different monikers. Here are a selection of tracks from my Lustbader alter ego. The sound is kind of dub-techno-ish with washes of melancholic hope underpinned by industrial textures. Like watching a hazy Autumnal sunset in a beautiful harbour reflecting off the glisten of an oil slick. Or something. If you like the tracks there are loads more to explore within my profile on Soundcloud. If you don’t, my profoundest apologies.


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